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Brickwall Communications Limited

Brickwall Communications is an independent TV/Film production Company, incorporated in 1987. We have the professional capacity and the technical expertise to research and produce projects on a wide range of subjects.  Brickwall Communications’ Chief Executive is Mr. Mahmood Ali-Balogun, an award winning film maker with over 2 decades of  experience.

One of our major objectives is to enlighten the various publics of our clients and sensitize policy makers about crucial socio-political, economic, health and environmental issues that impact on the wellbeing of the Nigerian people; with a view to spurring change when necessary.


We produce short and feature length films, documentaries, campaign spots and jingles.

For us at Brickwall Communications, we have had the privilege of handling documentary production projects for a number of companies in various sectors in Nigeria.Our emphasis is always on creativity and high technical quality . We, therefore, offer our services to you.










Magazines/ Soaps




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